A (comprehensive) list of training for UK based campaigners

There are lots of ways to learn how to be a great campaigner – but some people find that going along to a formal training or conference as a useful way to pick up new skills, dive into understanding strategy or make more connections.
I was asked by some colleagues at work to put together a list of training opportunities for those working in campaigning here in the UK – and came up with the list below. The comments are based on my experience attending or what others who’ve gone along have told me.

It’s as comprehensive as I can make it, but I’m sure it has got gaps in it, so please do use the comments below to suggest other training, or update on the information I’ve provided. I’ll try to keep updated.
If you’re not someone who enjoys training I’ve made some suggestions here of what else you can do, and a list of some great campaign reads here.
For full disclosure, I helped to found Campaign Bootcamp (and still serve on the board), worked at Bond when they designed the latest training content and have spoken on the NCVO Certificate in Campaigning. 

9 thoughts on “A (comprehensive) list of training for UK based campaigners”

  1. Hi Tom,
    NEON has it’s Movement Builder’s course, in the last 6 months has taken place in London and Manchester, next one taking place in Glasgow in Feb before happening in other parts of the country.
    Also NEON runs intensive media trainings twice a year for people to become part of the New Economy Spokesperson Network. Taking place this year in Feb and September http://neweconomyorganisers.org/our-work/new-economy-spokesperson-network/

  2. A great list Tom. Thanks for putting it together!
    I may be biased, but I think the Campaigning Forum community is another learning opportunity (vs. training) if people don’t like trainings and that the Campaigning Forum event (above is missing an ‘n’) can also work for people who don’t like training but like learning from peers. It is a bit of a blend.
    I know you are part of both, but here is what Jean O’Brien wrote about them both for others to consider: http://www.irishcharitylab.org/2017/07/love-ecf-conference-mailing-list/

  3. Thanks Duane – and agree that the Campaigning Forum community (remembered the ‘n’ this time!) is another learning opportunity. I’ve added a link to Jean’s post in the document as its really clear on the connections between the list and conference.

  4. Thanks so much for pulling this together, it’s exactly what I needed. Could you please provide the link for Wine and Wotsits? It’s leading me to 89Up at the mo. Many thanks 🙂

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