From team meeting to training sessions to conferences, over the last year I’ve spoken on topics as diverse as learning from the Turn Up Save Lives campaign, how to make the most of your campaign petition, how a trustee board can best support campaigning, the secrets of effective coalitions and much more besides.
I’m passionate about building the effectiveness of campaigns, so I’ll jump at any opportunity to share about campaigning.
If you’re looking for someone to speak to your team, department or conference please get in touch.
I’d happily talk on any topic I’ve written about on the blog, or work with you to draw on my 15+ years of experience leading, managing and observing campaigns to help ensure you get the most from the session.

One thought on “Speaking”

  1. Hi Tom
    John Knights at SMF has suggested I contact you.
    I work for Action Hampshire which supports voluntary, community and social enterprise sector across Hampshire,
    I am looking for a speaker for a conference that we hope to hold on 6 September.
    We are considering organising a conference targeted at groups who have traditionally been concerned about social equalities, i.e. with Inequality experienced as a result of race, ethnicity, gender, disability, etc But our focus is the impact on these groups of austerity and growing economic inequality.
    As well as looking at the evidence of impacts, we also want to encourage groups to collaborate together and consider what action they can take about this. So we would like to find a key note speaker who can talk about campaigning and lessons learnt from successful campaigns.
    We wondered if you might be interested or if you have suggestions of others we could approach on this?
    Andrew Mason

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