Are you all ears? 5 podcasts for campaigners

This year I set myself a challenge to listen to more podcasts.
I love talk radio, but there are only so many times you can listen to ex footballer discuss with other ex-footballers the chances of Man U winning at the weekend on Radio 5 Live!
So here is my list of 5 podcast for campaigners that I’ve enjoyed, but I’d love your suggestions of what else I should be listening to.
1 – The Advocacy Iceberg – a brand new podcast from consultant Jim Coe. Really excited to see Jim kick off this regularly. The first episode on the his work with Rhonda Schlangen on what we should be evaluating is a really good listen for anyone grappling with what to measure. Listen carefully as I’m due to make an appearance on the show in a few weeks time.
2 – The Good Fight – Sadly this podcast from Ben Wikler from has gone quiet in the last few months but I hope it comes back soon (and in the meantime listen to the back catalogue). Ben’s interviews brought some of the most interesting voices from movements across the US and beyond that are winning campaigns.
3 – The Axe Files – my unhealthy obsession with US politics coming out with this suggestion, but David Axelrod (former Obama campaign manager and now at University of Chicago) has a rolodex with anyone who matters in US politics so you can be assured of lots of fascinating insights from those on the inside of making change happen.
4 – NEF Weekly Economics Podcast – Demystifying economics and what the business pages really mean. A helpful listen for anyone who wants to understand macroeconomics and the financial forces that shape much of our
5 – Media Focus – a fortnightly interview with some of the key movers and shakers in media and PR. Lots of relevant content for any campaigner wanting to understand how to get your message into the media. I found the interview with Lyton Crosby especially interesting.
As a bonus, I’ve found the Political Betting Polling Matters podcast a good weekly round up of what’s happening in UK politics.
Over to you, what are the podcasts you’d recommend for campaigners?

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