A 'cut out and keep' guide to online campaign movements

It’s been a huge week of online campaign movements.

But with all these campaign movements doing amazing things, it’s easy to get confused about each of their USPs. So here is my handy ‘cut out and keep’ guide.

Avaaz – www.avaaz.org

Announced today that it has over 13 million members, who’ve taken over 68 million actions since its formation in 2007.
Has a global remit and a very broad focus, but increasing seems to be looking at issues around human rights and democratic space in countries like Syria, Tibet and Burma as well as building campaigning movement in emerging economies like India and Brazil.
Doing amazing work to make the most of the metrics to ensure their actions have the biggest impact, and also fundraising significant sums from its community for its work but also to respond to humanitarian situations.
The Economist called it ‘“a town crier in the global village, a cross-border fraternity that strives to be seen, heard and heeded.”

38 Degrees – www.38degrees.org (see also Move On in the US and Get Up in Australia).
UK-based, in the last year it’s focused on a range of issues from tax dodging to the NHS Bill, energy prices to saving our forests.
Has over 800,000 members who have taken 4 millions actions since its launch in 2009
Makes great use of  legal opinion and press adverts to support its online campaign.
Has started to build a grassroots movement, but is often criticised by MPs for causing deluges of emails.


Sum of Us – sumofus.org
Launched just a few weeks ago, but already generated an impressive 80,000 actions towards Apple and boast 200,000 members.
Sole focus on corporates, and sees itself as a ‘movement of consumers, workers and shareholders speaking with one voice to counterbalance the growing power of large corporations’
Trying to increase its impact by demonstrating those taking action are also consumers by asking people to indicate for example that they are ‘a iPhone user’ on their Apple ethical phone petition.


All Out – allout.org
A global movement to advance the interests and rights of LGBT people, its grown to be community of more than 800,000 people in 190 countries.
Significant focus of its mobilisation is on countries where being LGBT is still a crime, mobilised over half a million around the world to stop the “Kill the Gays” bill in Uganda in summer 2011.


Global movement on climate change. Name is linked to the need to reduce carbon emissions by under 350 parts per million to prevent catastrophic global warming.
Founded by Bill McKibben, a veteran environmental campaigner in 2007, committed to grassroots organizing as well as mass online action.
In October of 2009 they coordinated 5200 simultaneous rallies and demonstrations in 181 countries, which CNN called the ‘most widespread day of political action in the planet’s history’


A site for individuals to take action on whatever issues they choose, as well as providing a platform for organisations.
Over 5 millions people have taken action across 25,000 petitions. Rapidly growing worldwide.
Is able to provide advice to those individuals who set up online actions with dedicated support from a team of organisers to help with media, outreach and political engagement.
Structured as a for-profit but with the social mission of a nonprofit, expects to make $5 million in revenue in 2011.
I’d welcome suggestions of other movements that need to be added to the guide.

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