Five for Friday….14th October

Here is a new selection of articles that might be of interest to campaigners….
1. David Mills uses Freedom of Information to find out what Newspapers and Magazines government ministers are reading.
2. Red Pepper has suggestions for the apps that every activist should have. (h/t @LucyPearceOx)
3. The #OccupyWallStreet protests have sparked a new round in the Clicktivism debate. Here is Adbusters Micah White’s on the topic and the thoughts of James Sadri on his halfiranian blog.
4. Should charities campaigns? Tory MEP Daniel Hannan thinks we’ve got more influence than most of big business, while Third Sector reports on a fringe on the same topic at Conservative Party conference.
5. Finally, a use for Google +? Fairsay suggests you can use it to organise global press conferences at no cost. (h/t @day_jess)
What else have you been reading on campaigning that you’d recommend to others?

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