On holiday….back in September

A Daily Tip e-mail from the good folk at New Organising Institute reminded me last week about the importance of taking a holiday. They came up with lots of useful reasons as to why we should take a break.

Back in September

With this in mind, I’m going to pause blogging until the start of September to take a short break myself.
If you’re an activist and you haven’t taken a break for a while I’d encourage you to do so.
If you have taken a break recently and are looking for useful reading on campaigning, why not have a look at;
My Summer Reading list – Lots of great books recommended by folk from across the campaigning world
The Right Ethos tweets – they’re suggesting a campaigning resource you should be reading throughout August.
These old posts that still get lots of traffic to them Best Advocacy Videos and Great Campaign Stunts.
See you in September…..

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