A penny for your thoughts

Welcome to the thoughtful campaigner……
This blog aims to be a space to highlight excellent examples of campaigning, to reflect on emerging trends and to keep a pace with what’s happening in the world of campaigning in the UK.
I’ve worked in the sector for the last 5 years, but can’t seem to find one place which draws things together into one place so I’ve started this blog. To keep my employer happy here comes the usual disclaimer, that all the views are my own and have nothing to do with anyone who pays me to do this!
You’ll spot a bias towards development and environmental campaigns, because these are the ones that I know most about and follow closely, but my aim is to bring together in one place the very best examples from across the UK and beyond.
Get involved…add a comment, share examples of good practice you’ve seen, write for the site, tell me what you’d like to see….

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