Updated list of training for UK Campaigners

I got lots of positive feedback on the list of training for UK based campaigners I put together last year, so I’ve updated the list to include some new courses or more information where it’s available. I hope it’s helpful if you’re looking for opportunities for personal development in 2019.
A few things to note;

  • Information is taken from the website of the organisers and I’ve focused on training that’s specific to campaigners/change makers.
  • The comments are based on my experience attending or what others who’ve gone along have told me.
  • I’m happy to add in other relevant courses or training – the focus is on training for campaigners, so please do use the comments below to make suggestions, or update on the information I’ve provided.
  • For training that don’t appear to be running in 2019 I’ve struck through, but do get in touch with the organisers to confirm that’s the case.

There are lots of ways to learn how to be a great campaigner – formal training or conference can be as a useful way to pick up new skills, dive into understanding strategy or make more connections, but if you’re not someone who enjoys training I’ve made some suggestions here of what else you can do, and a list of some great campaign reads here.
And finally, I’ve found inviting other campaigners in to share with my team a really great way of learning so why not reach out to campaigners who’s impressed you, and shameless plug – I’m always happy to share what I’ve been learning at Save the Children.

For full disclosure, I helped to found Campaign Bootcamp (and still serve on the board), worked at Bond when they designed the latest training content and have spoken on the NCVO Certificate in Campaigning.