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What are the 10 best campaign films?

Can you help me put together a list of the top 10 campaign films? 

Here are a few more brilliant campaign/advocacy films from the last few months that I think could be worthy of inclusion in any list of ‘top advocacy films’. Do you agree? What else would you add?

These films supplement my suggestions in this post from last summer. Use the comments box below to make your nominations and the reason why.

1 – The new Robin Hood Tax film that you can star in….It’s a bit too long and the ask at the end isn’t clear, but because I really like the way it invites supporters to be part of the campaign. A campaign first?

2 – VW: The Dark Side. Cleverly made by Greenpeace and because it created a media story when LucasFilms demanded it was pulled from You Tube.

3 – The secret Clooney Commercial that shocked Nespresso… by SOLIDAR, its been making me smile ever since I first saw it and because the campaign targeting is genius.

4. The Girl Effect. Simple but effective.

I’d love to know what you would include? What would go in your list of top 10 campaign films?



Neil Boorman

Amnesty International’s new web TV show (called Amnesty TV unsurprisingly) is doing good things. Lots of heavyweight comedy producers on the prodcution team.


Thanks Neil…great suggestion. I really enjoyed this one that they got Don’t Panic to do.

Natasha Adams

Hi Tom,

Thanks for these films. I hadn’t seen the Solidar one or the Girl Effect before. Both really good!

A couple of my other favourites are:

– Greenpeace/Nestle film. Wonderful use of subvertising of the KitKat ads:

– Also really like this one. Went viral well:

Natasha Adams
Campaigns and Parliamentary Officer
Concern Worldwide UK

Claud Mba

here are two strong contenders: – CAFOD explains business in cheerful drawing format.
and – the effects of climate change on the world’s poorest

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