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Five for Friday – Winning the support needed

I’ve been thinking a lot over the last few weeks about the importance of starting with the audiences you need to win, rather than the activists we already have.

So this Five For Friday is a collection of articles that have helped my thinking in the last few weeks;

1 – Kirsty McNeill on the difference between ‘people power’ and ‘activist power’ and the importance of understanding that difference.

2 – How the Equal Marriage campaigners in the US realised they needed to change the framing of the message (and the 10 lessons from the campaign)

3 – I’ve shared this before, but Roger Harding on how Shelter moved housing up the agenda is a must read for all campaigners.

4 – 10 years on from Make Poverty History, here are some reflections from the lessons of a campaign that got 90% brand recognition from Kirsty (again!) and my colleague Alice Delemare.

5 – More insight from how the Conservatives did this so well in the last election by ruthlessly focus on the people who matter.


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John Knights

Some really useful stuff Tom, thanks! There is a really good episode of This American Life, which highlights how the equal marriage campaigners used door to door conversations. You can listen to it here

John K

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