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Campaign Totals 2012 – DEFRA

Total number of actions received between May 1st 2011 and May 1st 2012: 123,220 (down 40%)

Number of postcards/letters: 35,196 (down 62% from 92,310 in 2011)
Number of emails: 88,024 (down 19% from 109,495 in 2011)
Biggest campaign: AVAAZ – Fishing Opportunities – Submission to public consultation on fishing opportunities –  30,975 (all via email)

Breakdown by campaign:

Scorecard based on figures from 2011 and 2012;

Par score based on number of actions at 75th percentile, birdie score on the 85th percentile, and eagle score based on the 95th percentile

View the spreadsheet in google docs here. Information from Freedom of Information requested received on 31 May 2012, and is presented as received from DEFRA. More about the ‘Campaigns Total’ project here.

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Ben Niblett

Very interesting! Hats off to the animal welfare campaigners…or is it that they’re still doing this and others are prioritising other tactics?

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